The Salty-Sweet Taste in One Sip

picture care of this site.

Tried my hands on the new Starbucks drink – the Salted Caramel Mocha Latte. I ordered a grande hot beverage because the office is a lot like Winterfell these days. It's not that I have experienced it but I may have an idea of how cold it could be. I am exaggerating of course.

A cold office merits a warm cup of latte.

On first impressions, it smells like popcorn. The smell itself is enough to get you through the first hour of the afternoon. If you're too full from lunch, you need a lot of help to keep yourself awake. The smell of popcorn reminds you of a movie theatre or something happier than being in the office on a Friday afternoon and waiting for the weekend. So, my state and time could have a very large effect as to why I like the smell so much.

Anyway, the mocha taste is a bit too strong but I like it. It also lingers on your tongue such that the aftertaste is very much similar to the taste of the beverage. It's a whole lot like Milo with caramel. The salty taste is a bit lost for me maybe because I am just starting on my cup and I still have to get to the bottom of it to get that sweet-salty taste. 

We (Sam and I) got a promo for half-price off on 2 grande-sized drinks. So, we might try the cold and frappe one later today.


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