The Icing on the Travel Cake

I love the fact that I have friends whom I can travel with.

Last night, on my way home, I have received a message from Butch regarding a Mt. Pinatubo trekking adventure in Ensogo.

It was quite a haggle since by the time we were talking, there were only 5 hours left until the end of the purchase period. It was also quite an experience because there were only three of us who were willing to go. But after two hours, we ended up with 9 people.


This trip is like icing on my travel cake for 2012. This year, I have been to Cebu alone, will be going to Baler with the family and to Davao with the same guys. I have always wanted to believe in the saying that "explore one new place every year". This year, I have been and will go to four new places. That might very well suffice for the years that I have not gone to a new place.

I feel like one of the most satisfied people right now.


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