Sports Dilemma

What if I had a decent volleyball training when I was younger?

I had a lot of issues as a child. I was shy. I was quiet. I was highly academic. I love keeping to myself. Isn't that where the great athletes and artists started from? Their parents wanted them to come out of their shell that's why they were enrolled to different arts and sports classes.

At first, I wouldn't have qualified for volleyball. Nobody knew that I would be this tall. I only began growing in third year high school and that is a bit late to start training. By then, I also didn't have enough sports knowledge to start entity

I have always wanted to represent an entity and become a source of pride. That being said, the closest I can be to doing that is to represent through sports. I am proud at how far I've come when it comes to volleyball. Someone with clearly no experience and know-how has been a captain of one of the most competitive volleyball teams in UP – the College of Engineering Men's Volleyball Team. That was probably one of the highlights of my stay in the university.

However, I cannot help but think about having enough training to make it to the college playground. Could I have made it to a college team's line-up? Could I make an impact as a player? One thing going for me is that I don't easily give up. I don't downplay my opponents and I give my 100% every time I step on that court.

Well, maybe, that's all I can think of right now  – what if.


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