We Deserve Better

I have been working on this document since the morning. And you know what I am doing for the majority of the time? Formatting. I am appalled at the state of the formatting of this document. It is as if we do not have standards to follow. The other thing is that it's created by our boss. 

Hello, of all people.

Don't you think that it's just frustrating that you know a lot more about the things you do than your boss. Seriously. Give her to another unit and I will do the work of this unit all by myself. Actually, I have been doing that since, maybe, the start of the year. I am on the verge of going to another boss and ask why we are ranked this way. 

Add to those things the fact that she does not know how to use majority of the software that we use for publishing and creating our documents. Why was she left in charge of this? Really?

It is not that I am belittling her skills when she does have a value-add to this company but to a certain extent, competencies for this position and responsibilities for the unit are not met by her. She's better off doing things in another department.


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