An Ode to Volunteerism

Yesterday, I survived a severe beating by the laziness bug. I wasn't really productive at work at all and I was just convincing myself that I was.

Anyway, both of my projects just pronounced themselves as priority projects and should be both at the top of the list. Now, how should we tackle that? Let's just say that it's also important that one hand does not know what the other does. Also, it might be the first time that I will be volunteering myself to a project when a project manager is suddenly confused about who is assigned to help her. I would've resorted to just saying, "I don't know" but the utter lack of action in the office led me to a decision to volunteer my services.

That isn't me at all. But, heck, I need something to do.

The day actually came by fast and there isn't black magic connected to that. Or was it because it happened yesterday that is why I am saying that it came by fast? I do hope that today will only be as lengthy as yesterday.


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