Notice to Disassemble

It was like the first day of the school year. You come in to greet your friends and talk about happened during the summer. You show off your new school stuff. And you don't get to do a lot of work.

That was what my morning was like. Apparently, they disassembled the workplace that contained our server. They removed all the sockets and ports too. What am I to do without a server. This was actually what I needed because my lymph node suddenly acted like I wasn't at work. I fervently wished that I didn't go to work today but that will merit a medical certificate from a doctor which is such a hassle to get.

Despite not working for majority of the morning, I felt productive. Don't ask me why, I just did.

Talking about hassle, people should really let people know of their plans especially when these plans concern the said people. We would have been a lot more prepared than we are if we only knew.

Uncertainty is one of the lesser acknowledged facets of life. But, this isn't a case of uncertainty. It's a case of people being insensitive to other people's situations.


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