Bordering on Boredom

I got my wind out.

I am so not in the mood to work. It must be because of this lymph node or what happened earlier today. I am just trying to survive the day and I am hoping that I will come out alive when 5:30 PM strikes. Three hours is such a long time for someone doing nothing.

I am filling out a form for our annual executive check-up. I am actually afraid of this because I might discover that I have a lot of hidden diseases or sicknesses that are either incurable or communicable or, worse, both. I am scheduling it on the 27th of October because the announcement says that it is advisable that we do this check-up on our birth month. 

So, what shall I do until 5:30 PM? I do have a meeting 4PM although I expect that it will be a short meeting. It will be so short that I'll be back in my workstation by 4:30 PM.


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